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Total Pond Management solutions for vannamei / white shrimp

Bioclean® Aqua Fish is designed specifically keeping Fish aquaculture needs in mind. Bioclean® Aqua Fish, like other Bioclean® Aqua series product is a well-balanced microbial formula that improves water quality for aquaculture and Fish health.
® Aqua Fish is a formulation of robust and vigorous microbes that rapidly consume ammonia in water. These compounds if left unchecked can lead to reduction in yields. Bioclean® Aqua Fish ensures that toxic compounds entering in water from unknown sources such as underwater channels are maintained below the minimum levels. Organisms in Bioclean® Aqua Fish specialise in degrading these compounds without putting load on biological oxygen demand (BOD) in water. Bacteria present in Bioclean® Aqa Fish reduce formation of hydrogen sulphide gas and improve pond bottom health. Biocleanua Fish also reduces the number of pathogens present in the water. It helps in stabilising dissolved oxygen levels by degrading compounds that would put a stress on biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand in the pond water.

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