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Effective bio-solutions for industrial
wastewater treatment plants

Bioclean® is a potent mix of natural microorganisms and specific enzymes that specialize in biodegradation of harmful pollutants found in variety of waste waters. Bioclean® is a broadspectrum solution that can tackle any type of natural or manmade organic pollutants and significantly reduce COD and BOD. Each gram of Bioclean® may contain upto 96 different types of natural microorganisms with a total CFU ranging from of 108 to 1012 per gram and multiple enzymes. This wide range of microorganisms gives Bioclean® an edge over any other product for similar application. Organisms in Bioclean® are microencapsulated for increased shelf life. Microbes in the product are maintained in their dormant state in order to ascertain high stability during storage. It is this unique process of microencapsulation that protects the bacteria and gives 95 – 99% recovery on reactivation of the product. Every gram of Bioclean® is packed with a robust mix of microbes and enzymes that rapidly adapt to dynamic condition in the waste water treatment facility and continue to perform consistently. This unique and powerful mix is based on more than a decade of research in microbial and enzyme interactions. Our products are ideally suited for processes like activated sludge process, anaerobic reactors, extended aeration, attached growth, MBR, SBR, MMBR, Bio Trickling Filters, RBC, UASB, Bio filters, etc.

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