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Effective biosolution for sewage treatment plants and sewer pipelines
Bioclean® STP is a broad range microbial plus enzymatic solution designed perfectly for sewage treatment plants. A sewage treatment plant offers a wide variety of dynamic environment where the sewage characteristics change frequently due to use of many household chemicals. Due to fluctuating physical and chemical condition of influent in sewage treatment plant, it causes toxicity to ordinary or generic microorganisms. Ordinary microbes cannot handle constantly changing pollutants entering the STP plant since the adaptation time available is extremely short. Bioclean® STP is formulated to handle these variations and perform under every scenario. It may contain up to 54 different bacteria that can work together and degrade a wide range of carbon and nitrogen compounds, along with various household chemicals that find their way in STP. These organisms acting as a composite system are highly effective in reducing cBOD and nBOD effectively along with COD. The strength of Bioclean® STP lies in its broad spectrum action due to host of different enzymes producing bacteria in it. Bacteria used in Bioclean® STP are pre adapted and selected by evolutionary process. These bacteria are naturally more efficient at degrading pollutants than those found normally in the environment.

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