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Restores biologic health of the septic systems naturally

Blockages due to undigested sewage solids, fats oil grease, paper, starch etc is the major problem faced by septic tank managers. Chemical treatment methods to clear these blockages are only temporary solutions and are not environment friendly. Undigested Fats and grease form a layer of lard on the pipes connected to septic tanks which eventually block the flow. In such cases it becomes imperative to physically clean the pipes. This is not only a smelly and time consuming job, but it also is an expensive way to tackle the problem. Bioclean® Septic offers long-term, effective, definite solution to these problems. One has to remember that septic tanks may have aerobic or anaerobic conditions inside them so only facultative bacteria can survive in this system. Ordinary organisms present in the septic tank grow at a very slow pace since under anaerobic conditions oxygen is not available as an electro acceptor (a very important step in energy generation). Organisms survive through anaerobic condition by using alternative electron acceptors that can substitute oxygen. These alternative electron acceptors are not as efficient as oxygen, leading to lower energy production. Lower energy production leads to lesser bacterial growth and lesser degradation efficiency. Lesser degradation then leads to increase in undigested waste in septic tank making conditions more septic. Thus the septic tank goes in to a spiral effect going from bad to worse.
Cleaning at this stage becomes a necessary expensive option. Bioclean® Septic is designed to break this vicious cycle and restore full efficiency of septic tank. Bioclean® Septic has a mix of high multiplication rate facultative and anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that attack different organic substrates. FOG is degraded rapidly leading to opening up of clogs and reduction in septic sludge volume. It reduces cleaning frequency by 10-15 times saving your time, efforts and money. Bioclean® Septic also retards growth of harmful pathogens that are more likely to grow in anaerobic conditions of septic tanks.

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