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Effective biodegradation of fat, oil and grease

Eco friendly solution for oil spills, soil contamination, kitchen grease, sewer pipe lines, and oil industries.

Bioclean® FOG is designed and formulated for effective remediation of hydrocarbons in soil and water. Bioclean® FOG provides faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions to your environmental needs. Bioclean® FOG is easy to use and apply. Once applied it quickly penetrates the contamination and begin bioremediation of hydrocarbons.
When properly applied, the hydrocarbon contamination is reduced to harmless by products of carbon dioxide, water, and trace amounts of organic salts. After the hydrocarbons are remediated, the surplus microbes stabilize or return to natural levels.

In soil bioremediation there are several factors to consider. Porosity, depth of contamination, moisture, oxygen, surface compaction, temperature and the type of soil contaminants and the type of soil. These determine the product qty and the time frame of treatment.

Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) have been problems since Victorian era. Oils and grease when present in waste water decrease the treatment efficiency drastically. FOG’s presence in sewer pipelines and septic tanks creates a lot of problems, in terms of clogging, back washing, odour generation, piping breakdown, etc . Also, they contribute to very high BOD and COD. Domestic sewage water does contain small amount of fat and oil in waste water coming mainly from the kitchen sink. This oil is skimmed out of water using a contraption called FOG trap. The problem with FOG traps is that they need to be manually cleaned regularly. One needs to scoop out the collected FOG. This FOG usually has brown grease appearance and smells rancid. FOG taken out of the grease trap is sent for land fill or given to appropriate treatment facility for disposal. Since cleaning FOG trap is not a welcome task often the collected FOG in traps gets neglected, which starts accumulating in the system. Oily sludge from the overloaded FOG trap then escapes to the waste water stream ultimately reaching the local water treatment facility. FOG in the treatment facility floats as scum decreases the waste water treatment efficiency and contributes to high COD and BOD. Generic organisms present in local water treatment facility are rarely able to withstand the shock load and the system fails drastically. What is needed here is a mix of vigorous and specific microbes that are good at degrading fats, oils and grease. Bioclean® FOG has an army of up to 76 types of organisms that eat up the oils completely and convert it ultimately to CO2 and Water.


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