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Bioclean® is available in dry concentrate bacterial formulations, specially designed to provide improved waste degradation in wastewater treatment. Each gram of the product contains up to 4 billion microbes.
Bioclean® STP is a broad range microbial plus enzymatic solution designed perfectly for sewage treatment plants. A sewage treatment plant offers a wide variety of dynamic environment.
Bioclean® Pond Clarifier makes use of highly vigorous microbesand enzymes that rapidly degrade harmful pollutants in Eutrophic lake water without putting a load on dissolved oxygen.
Eco friendly solution for oil spills, soil contamination, kitchen grease, sewer pipe lines, and oil industries Bioclean® FOG is designed and formulated for effective remediation of hydrocarbons in soil and water.
Blockages due to undigested sewage solids, fats oil grease, paper, starch etc is the major problem faced by septic tank managers. Bioclean® Septic offers long-term, effective, definite solution to these problems.
Bioclean® ANB is an anaerobic treatment product having obligate and facultative anaerobes for efficient anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is the process of breaking down organic compounds in the absence of oxygen.
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