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Aquaculture Products
Variation in temperature, pH, fluctuating nutrient levels, dissolved oxygen levels, ammonia levels, and production of hydrogen sulphide gas are some of the parameters that are at times not under direct control of aquaculturists growing vannamei(white shrimp). In such cases Bioclean®Aqua Plus formulation can come to rescue.
BioGut®Aqua ensures that the shrimp’s digestive system is maintained to its best. BioGut Aqua is a mix of proprietary probiotic organisms that enhance the digestive abilities of the shrimp and confers beneficial effects on them.
Bioclean®Aqua Fish is designed specifically keeping Fish aquaculture needs in mind. Bioclean®Aqua Fish, like other Bioclean®Aqua series product is a well-balanced microbial formula that improves water quality for aquaculture and Fish health.
Bioclean®Aqua has a range of microbes which consume ammonia and phosphate along with toxic compounds entering the water body. These bacteria can use ammonia and phosphate rapidly before algae has a chance to start utilizing them and growing.
Bioclean®Aqua Hatcheries is a proprietary blend of carefully selected naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and growth stimulating factors. Bioclean®Aqua Hatcheries is a certified organic product for use in Hatcheries.
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