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Total Microbial system for fish and shrimp hatcheries

After more than a decade of experience in helping aquaculturists world over in getting better yields, we now very well understand their problems. Aquaculture systems are highly dynamic in nature and maintaining a stable biological environment is one of the critical challenges faced by aquaculturists.

Problems in Hatcheries: In Aquaculture hatcheries, massive quantities of both organic and inorganic compounds leach out from the feed, residues from algal culture and sea & freshwater into the tank water. These compounds are rich in nitrate and phosphates, which disturbs the ecology of the tank by stimulating only certain type of life forms. The microbial communities become unstable. The toxicity of the tank goes up due to the incomplete decomposition of the organic matter. The discharge of waste matter by the larvae & PLs into the tank adds to the toxicity of the water. This deterioration of the water quality increases the culture's susceptibility to stress and disease. The partially decomposed moulting cells, feeds etc. start breeding certain pathogenic bacteria viz. Vibrio cholera. High amount of toxic waste induces blue green algae, external fouling and poor feed intake. The tank become unstable, the incidence of necrosis, swollen hind gut, restricted moulting and disease leads to mortality. In response to these problems we have created a unique microbial system Bioclean® Aqua for Hatcheries.

Bioclean® Aqua Hatcheries is a proprietary blend of carefully selected naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and growth stimulating factors. Bioclean® Aqua Hatcheries is a certified organic product for use in Hatcheries, and is specifically formulated from multiple strains of microbes, which work synergistically to lower the toxicity level in the tank and create a healthier and more beneficial environment for the Larvae and Post Larvae. The toxic pollutants are broken down to non-toxic by products such as carbon dioxide and water. This is also evident when there will be a remarkable reduction in foul odours in the tank water.

It is preferable to pre treat the water with Bioclean® Aqua Hatcheries before introduction of the Nauplii into the tank. The number of water exchanges can be reduced by using Bioclean® Aqua Hatcheries.

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