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MagicGro™ Super
Biological yield enhancer and stress buster for plants

The soil supporting today's agriculture activities is lacking sufficient microbial activity to promote healthy plant growth. This is due primarily to an over reliance on pesticides to control disease and insect infestation. These synthetic chemicals also destroy non-target organisms, namely the essential bacteria and microbes found in healthy soil. Beneficial microorganisms are necessary to promote healthy, vigorous plant growth. When microbial population is depleted the plant growth system becomes stressed giving rise to a myriad of problems.
In response to this problem Ativa Biosciences has created unique microbial systems namely Magic-gro™ .

Features of Magic-gro™ 

The key ingredient in Magic-gro™ is a proprietary microbial system with unique properties like helping soil to establish beneficial microbes by providing certain unique nitrogen fixing, phosphorus solubilising, and plant growth hormone producing natural microbes. It is not only how many bacteria but also the type and functionality of the bacteria that is very important for overall plant growth. These microbes are able to extract nutrients from the mineral part of the soil and eventually pass the nutrients on to plants. 

Magic-gro™ is not a substitute for fertilizer. Fertilizer provides N, P and K essential for pant growth. Magic-gro™ facilitates availability of essential ingredients e.g. vitamins, amino acids, plant growth hormones, micro nutrients, plant stress relievers and essential microbes to improve over all plant conditions.

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