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Penaeus vannamei are amenable to culture at very high stocking densities of up to 150/m2 in pond culture, and even as high as 400/m2 in controlled recirculated tank culture. Because of such intensive culture systems require a much higher degree of control over environmental parameters.
Variation in temperature, pH, fluctuating nutrient levels, dissolved oxygen levels, ammonia levels, and production of hydrogen sulphide gas are some of the parameters that are at times not under direct control of aquaculturists growing vannamei (white shrimp). In such cases Bioclean
® Aqua Plus formulation can come to rescue. It helps stabilize such conditions leads to good yields.

Bioclean® Aqua Plus is a mix of beneficial bacteria that aggressively work in water to maintain a stabilised system for aquaculture. The mix is formulated in order to counter the effects of fluctuating conditions in aquaculture system. Bioclean® Aqua Plus helps in stabilising the dissolved oxygen levels, pH levels etc. It helps nullify the effect of toxic nutrient load, loading of ammonia and phosphate levels and suppresses hydrogen sulphide gas production.

Algae growth in pond water is yet another issue that bothers aquaculturists world over. Algae are naturally present in water in low levels. Their growth is often limited due to lack of critical nutrient like nitrogen and phosphorus. Influx of sewage water or agricultural field wash into the aquaculture system supply these nutrients to algae. Once these nutrients become available algae start growing rapidly consuming dissolved oxygen. Oxygen deprivation reduces hatching rate and in extreme situations may lead to death of cultured animals. Bioclean® Aqua Plus helps in avoiding such problems by consuming dissolved nitrogen and phosphors arriving in the pond from uncontrolled sources. Microbes in Bioclean® Aqua Plus are highly vigorous and they consume these nutrients before algae can start utilizing them. These are specially selected bacteria which consume these nutrients without reducing the dissolved oxygen levels in water. Once nutrient levels fall to safe levels these bacteria go back to their dormant states ready to spring inaction whenever needed. These tiny microbes also serve as food source for aquatic animals cultured in the system.

Bioclean® Aqua Plus bacteria differ from the naturally available bacteria in their innate ability to rapidly consuming nitrogen and phosphors without reducing oxygen level in water. These are completely safe and GRAS status organisms.

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