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A good yield from aquaculture farms depends on two important factors. One is the environmental parameters in the farms and the other is the health of cultured animals. Bioclean® Aqua is a complete aquaculture product designed to encompass both these factors. It is a multi-pronged approach ensuring maximum yields per acre of aquaculture farm.

Bioclean®Aqua has a range of microbes which consume ammonia and phosphate along with toxic compounds entering the water body. These bacteria can use ammonia and phosphate rapidly before algae has a chance to start utilizing them and growing. Hence, Bioclean®Aqua retards algal growth and protects the pond from oxygen deprivation. Bioclean® Aqua specialize in degrading toxic compounds without putting load on oxygen levels in water. This unique feature of Bioclean® Aqua organism separates it from ordinary microbes present in the environment. Rapid utilization of ammonia lets aquaculturists have high stocking rates.

These bacteria also have anti-pathogenic characteristics killing any pathogens present in water. Bioclean® Aqua has a well established anti-Vibrio effect.

Fish and shrimp growing in pond treated with Bioclean® Aqua are found to be free of brown blood disease. Probiotic microbes formulated in Bioclean® Aqua have enhanced ability to break down complex feed molecules into simple nutrient substances. These pre-digested nutrients are readily absorbed in the gut of aquatic animals. The compound effect of Bioclean® Aqua is the growth of healthy and full-sized cultured aquatic animals.

Besides these, Bioclean® Aqua has several other benefits to its credit. It reduces hydrogen sulphide gas formation, prevents floating clumps resulting from dead planktons and lowers biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand. Aquaculturists world over have experienced direct economic benefits of using Bioclean® Aqua. It is truly a product that meets demands of professional aquaculturists world over

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